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Zamalek 1984
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Founding President
  • Mrs. Nadia Ibrahim Rady
Charter Date: 1984
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Club Name

IWC of Zamalek


105 Members

Meeting Time

Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. (4th)

Club Location

Le Pacha Restaurant

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Honorary Active Members
  • Mrs. Nelly El Bahtimy/Helmy 2000
  • Mrs. Samia Aboul Fotouh, 2000
IWC of Zamalek Sustainable Projects

1. IW club of Zamalek provides support to kidney dialysis since 1994 at Abou El Reesh Children’s hospital and continues its monitoring of the unit until now .


2. Provides support to kidney transplant units since 2008 (Aly Naser Abdel Al ) at Abou El Reesh Children’s hospital ( around 20 cases for kidney transplant per year). IW club of Zamalek is considered the only sponsor of this unit. Its funding is a continuous process based on self-generating fund deposits.


3. Provides support to 400 poor families ( mainly female headed families ) in an old district of Cairo and 6th October City for more than 25 years. Since 1995.


4. Donates school supplies for children at the beginning of every academic year.


5. Provides Support for 80-90 orphanage girls with special needs in old Cairo district for more than 20 years. Since 2000.


6. This year’s project: IW club of Zamalek selects every year one of the urgent community health priority issues to support and raise funds for it. This year & since March 2020 IW club of Zamalek headed by Mrs. Samia Aboul Fettouh decided to contribute to the country’s serious situation of Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic in Egypt by providing support to the largest *Fever hospital in Egypt in Abbassia*. Accordingly many equipment and machines needed for the management of positive cases admitted to the hospital were donated. These included :


* 20 Oxygen generating machines


* 10 couch examination beds


* 4 disinfection spray machines


* 10 CPAP machines (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy – Breathing )


* 5 pulse oxymeter machines ( for monitoring O2 saturation)


* Personal Protection Equipment for hospital staff (400 face shields & 300 Over- alls)


* one portable x ray mobile machine


* one vital signs portable detection machine


* two nebulizers apparatuses


* two oxygen flow meters apparatuses.


• two ventilators to help the hospital in managing critically ill Covid-19 patients who are admitted to ICU

IWC Zamalek Projects