World Tourism Day Celebration

In celebration of World Tourism Day . IWC of Amman- Petra President Manal Nahawi ,Board members and friends with the presence of Chairman of D95 Egypt &Jordan Mrs.Suzan Tayeh joined forces with local initiative Himmeh W Lammeh “organizers of Jordan’s Clean Up Day” and in collaboration with the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) to raise awareness about the importance of our national touristic sites, and how important it is to safeguard them from pollution.
With a strong sense of social responsibility and patriotism, members of IWC of Petra spread out in the streets of Jabal Luweibdeh / Amman as part of their strong belief in The IIW Chairman’s motto for this year, “Together We Can”.
Mrs Nuha Asfour President of IWC of Amman and Al Shams Al Mushriqa Organization and The Society for Protecting Family Violence Victims took part in Jordan’s Clean Up Day.
It was a beautiful morning where friendship and heightened sense of community worked hand in hand to serve our beautiful country.
Abeer Dajani
Webmaster ,District 95

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