Visit of IWC of Nasr City to Cairo Epileptic Unit

Mrs.Mona el Saeed President of Inner Wheel Club of Nasr City and some members of the club, on Sunday, September 13, Visited the clinic of abnormal electric activity of the brain which is known as Epilepsy at Al Kasr Al-Aini Hospital .The purpose of this visit is to know the scope of this disease, its symptoms and how this unit works. The members the Club met the head of Neurology Department, and some doctors which explained to the members the details of the medical care from the first examination, the date of onset of the symptoms and seizures. Treatment of patients in this Unit depends mainly on the donations and the Unit is in needs of financial support due to increase in the number of patients mainly Children. Accordingly it is decided that the main project of Nasr City club will be the support of patient with abnormal electric activity of the brain (Epilepsy)

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