Visit of District Chairman & IWCs to IWC of El Minya

27/3/2021“Knowledge is Light, and Reading is Life.”

A wonderful initiative from the heart of Aton coinciding with the visit to the bride of Upper Egypt, Al Minya.

Mrs. Mona Aref District 95, Egypt and Jordan, Chairman visited, Inner Wheel Club of Al Minya She was accompanied by several members, the District Editor and  members of IWC’s of El Mansoura & Sphinx .


President of IWC of Al Minya and Past President invited the delegation to visit one of the sustainable projects of Al Minya Club (Home for Education and Social Care for Boys) The delegation members were welcomed by the persons in charge of running that house.


In her speech Mrs. Mona Aref underlined the importance of reading and the necessity to go back to it and encourage reading. Then she announced that she launched a great initiative in which the clubs of the district participated. In order to activate this initiative (Knowledge is Light and Reading is Life), she offered a complete library containing valuable collections of books in many areas of knowledge to the house.

IWC of Al Minya was the first to activate this great initiative in Egypt’s IWCs.


Later on, they moved to Aton Hotel located on the banks of the Nile to attend the meeting. In an atmosphere of friendship, happiness, and with a wonderful and picturesque view, the meeting began. Mrs. Mona Aref started the meeting by underlining the real meaning of love, which raises the value of oneself “when you want to be unique you have to make incredible efforts”. Then underlined on how to activate this year’s slogan (Lead the Change).

She also expressed her thanks and gratitude to the President of IWC of Al Minya   and the members for their speedy response to activate her cultural initiative, Science is Light, and Reading is Life, and to conclude she praised all their efforts made throughout this IW year.

Mrs. Hoda Fathy expressed her great happiness for holding this meeting in March, which includes 3 occasions for women: The International Women’s Day, the Egyptian Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Mrs Mona Aref reviewed the club’s activities and projects, which were well received by the attendees. At the end, the District Chairman and Al Minya President exchanged souvenirs.

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