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Activities 2021 - 2022Inner Wheel Club of Cairo

IWC of Cairo , Activity, 2021

IWC of Cairo
President: Mrs. Wageiha Anwar
December 21st,2021
Inner Wheel Club of Cairo headed by Mrs. Wageiha Anwar  held a joint meeting with  Rotary Club of Cairo.
The meeting was organized by Mrs Noha El-Zeini – HS of RC of Cairo headed by Mr. Mohamed Hassouna.
Spokesperson Dr. Naima Al-Qusayr, representative of the” WHO” in Egypt and Senior in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.
The meeting was attended by Mrs. Reem Nazih, ISO for D95 Egypt and Jordan, members of the Rotary and IWCs members and professors doctors of the Faculty of Medicine.
IWC of Cairo was established on November 23, 1971, with the encouragement of IIW at the time, Mrs. Nancy Sharp and wife of a Rotarian.
The club’s first board of directors was formed by Mrs. Laila Abul-Ela, “RIP”, who was the first president of the IWC of Cairo from 1971-1974.
RC of Cairo, with IWC of Cairo, contributed to the establishment of EL Yasmine House for the Elderly at 6 October in the Seventh District, and it was opened in 1993.
Dr. Naima Al-Qasir, spoke about Covid -19 pandemic and its various mutations, and the difference between them, up to Omicron, this strain that appeared in South Africa and moved to many countries and how to protect ourselves, ensure vaccination, wear a mask, distance and avoid crowding.
RC of Cairo celebrated with IWC of Cairo the 50th anniversary of the club establishment.

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