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IWC of Alexandria Sporting, Projects, 2021

IWC of Alexandria Sporting
President: Mrs. Reem El-Melady
December 13th, till 17th,2021
Inner Wheel Club of Alexandria Sporting headed by Mrs. Reem El-Melady organized a free medical convoy and comprehensive surgery for five days, starting from 13th to 17th of December 2021 in the City of Aswan at Kom Ombo Hospital with specialized doctors in all fields for the people of Aswan.
The convoy was organized by the club with the Leaders Social Association and Pharco Pharmaceutical Company and under the auspices of the “Good Life” Initiative and Aswan Governor Major General Ashraf Attia.
The convoy was accompanied by PPs Reem Khalaf, PPs Hala Ghitany and colleague Manal Sultan.
The club’s initiative to make the medical convoy included specializations in various fields, and a pharmacy was provided with all the necessary medicines and a laboratory to conduct the necessary analyzes.
A total of 2702 people were examined in the clinics in the following specialties:
– Opthalmology 950
– Dental 290
– Internal detection 275
– Surgerical 190
– Orthopedic 330
– Dermatology 232
– Pediatric 250
– Gynecology 185
385 people were medically analyzed to prepare them for operations.
Operations were performed for patients free of charge as follows:
– 193 cataract surgeries.
– 45 general surgeries, including two laparoscopic removal of the gallbladder and fetora surgery.
1230 medical prescriptions were spent on patients.
The total donations for the medical convoy were 460,000 Egyptian pounds.
210,000 E.P. Donation from our club
250,000 donation of medications from Pharco
We care, help and serve our community.