Sustainable support by D95 Egypt & Jordan Clubs to Cairo’s Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 since 2005-2020.

At the invitation of District 95 Egypt & Jordan, Chairman Mona Aref, District Committee members, NR Iman El Bashari, Presidents and Representatives from Inner Wheel Clubs in Egypt visited the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital and presented donations for patient treatment in continuous and sustainable support of children with cancer which started since 2005 during the hospital’s construction.
Our members are always proud to visit 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital as a witness to its success in alleviating the pain of children suffering from cancer in a humanitarian endeavor free of charge.
Due to Covid-19 regulations, very small groups of members alternated in visiting one of the treatment departments and presented gifts to 150 children undergoing treatment on October 21, 2020 and gave comfort to their parents bringing many smiles to their faces.
Professor Dr. Sherif Abou Al-Naga, CEO of 57357, the visionary behind founding the hospital since it was established in 2007 explained to our members the history, the vision and practices of the hospital in a thorough presentation taking us through the achievements and challenges of the treatment of patients as well as their hopes and dreams. Presently, the hospital is recording a 71.4% average overall survival rate. Its new system of healthcare management utilizes the most scientific approaches, advanced research and the highest technology in cancer treatment in the world and ongoing advanced training for doctors and nursing staff. 57357 was funded entirely by donations.
Our District’s initial contributions by numerous clubs as a gift to the children of Egypt and the Middle East was in the amount of L.E. 1,152,000. Our clubs have contributed jointly to a state of the arts Operating Room, 6 chemo-therapy treatment rooms, a fully equipped waiting room, 2 outpatient clinics as well as medical equipment and medication for treatment. A few clubs donated substantial sums and received a naming opportunity with recognition plaques at the entrance of each patient or treatment room. Smaller sums went jointly into general treatment rooms. IWC of Nasr City: Triage examination room #8, IWC of Cairo North: patient room #1, IWC of Cairo South: chemo treatment room #10, IWC of Guiza: chemo treatment room #9, IWC of Garden City: chemo treatment room #1, IWC Alexandria: O.R. waiting room, IWC of Zamalek: 1 treatment room and 1 patient room. The Art Therapy Room was donated by IWC of Sharm El Sheikh .
Our sustainable support of the hospital is ongoing since 2005 and each year some clubs contribute to the needs of the hospital that is run by a non-profit NGO.
District Chairman Mona Aref concluded the visit with an inspiring and poetic speech on behalf of the District Committee and all the members to thank the hospital administration for its stellar treatment of children with cancer and its unparalleled treatment strategies and to pledge our continuous support.

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