Students’ Clothes Exhibition Project 2018

Monday 29 October, 2019

Project: Students’ Clothes Exhibition 2018

It’s one of Inner Wheel Club of Sphinx ongoing projects for 18 years, and the whole exhibition returns go to cover the students’ college expenses who are financially unable to pay for it.

The exhibition was opened by the head of the Institute of Music Education in Zamalek and Mrs. Abeer Ezzat, the president of Inner wheel Club of Sphinx and other members of the club.

The exhibition was welcomed by all the students and employees.

All clothes are in good condition and clean, and the members of the project oversees, collect and clean clothes by themselves.

We thank all the members who contributed to this wonderful project.


Abeer Ezzat the president of the club

Azza Azab

Dalia Nour Advisor

And Hanan Azmi Organizer

Amani Ezzat Honorary Secretary

Ghada Barakat

Thank you to the members of the club who contributed in collecting the clothes.

The only way to success is to continue giving and to bringing happiness to others hearts.

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