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Sharm El Sheikh 2002
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Founding President
  • Mrs. Afaf Ameen/Abou Youssef
Charter Date: 2002

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IWC of Sharm El Sheikh


29 Members

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Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. (1st & 3rd)

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Le Pasha Restaurant

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IWC of Sharm El Sheikh Sustainable Projects

1. The Drawing Room of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Corporation 57357:
The hospital uses art to speed up the process of treating and recovering sick children, and since 2015 we adopted furnishing the hospital drawing room, where we equipped it with the necessary desks, cupboards and drawing tools. The members also annually renew and replace the room contents. To complete the target, the members have also started to contribute to the new drawing room in the new hospital extension building. In appreciation of the members efforts, the hospital administration put a sign bearing the name of IW club of Sharm El Sheikh inside the room.


2. Al Nihal Orphans House for Special Needs:
The club members are constantly following the needs and requests of the House from food, clothes and tools, because of their belief in the role of the house in caring, teaching and equipping many orphaned who have special needs.


3. Ishraqa Association for Social and Cultural Services:
The members annually donate to the association in solidarity with the association’s administration, especially at the present time due to the conditions of social separation, as is the case with most other charitable bodies.

IWC Sharm El Sheikh Projects