Projects of the Cairo Inner Wheel Club in 2019/2018

Projects of the Cairo Inner Wheel Club in 2019/2018 under the chairmanship of Dr. Laila Khaled What we have done together with the cooperation of the members in Inner Wheel Cairo from the achievements and hard work to achieve inner wheel’s slogan adopted by the 95th region for this year.

  1. Sustainable projects
  2. Garden City Nursery, which was established in 1975, has recently renovated a comprehensive renovation of the room paints, refurbished games and educational games.
  3. Renovation of the old-age home in October, which was established in 1993 from the facade and living room walls, furniture and walls, and the work of a new kitchen with the work of a gymnasium for elderly women


  1. Women and girls hosting both
  2. Dr. Jalsen Saleh tells us about the women nutrition in different age groups.
  3. Ladies Amany Khalil and Heba Abuof talked about the possibility of achieving women’s dreams at any age.
  4. 100 million health Campaign, which reported the members of Cairo Club and other clubs and workers of Al-Basha boat.
  5. A recreational lunch for the elderly in the Jasmine House in the presence of the President of the region 95 and members of the Council.
  6. An entertainment feast for “homeless children – Ana Al Masry organization”.
  7. Donation of one hundred thousand pounds for the treatment of children with thalassemia at Ain Shams Children’s Hospital and distribute funds to children
  8. Distribution of Ramadan bags and amounts of money to employees in custody and the home of the elderly
  9. The annual ceremony of the Club in Safir Hotel in the presence of the President of the Region 95 and members of its distinguished board. Mrs. Dina Ghorab met with us first time with the members of the club as a whole and in the second we invited her to attend a board meeting.

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