Retirement home for Elederly Ladies, IWC of Cairo, District 95 Egypt & Jordan
Dar Al Yasmin Home for Elederly Ladies Ogoing Project
Dar Al Yasmine Retirement Home for Elderly Ladies was established by the IWC of Cairo, the Founding club of District 95 to serve the Greater Cairo Community in a domain that needed all the help it an get. Retirement homes for the elderly are not common in Egypt and are sorely needed. This is how the idea of establishing a home was started as the club members wanted to serve the community in an area where their project would be quite useful.
In 1988 a core group of members investigated the subject and it was deemed as a viable endeavor. The late Rawheya Hussein Kamel, the late Mahassen Enan, the late Zizi Zaki and the late Samira Mortagy, and Mrs. Laila Abou El Ela, were the brain stormers of the whole project and through their initial and sustained efforts the project got under way.
On the right Past Club President and Incoming District 95 Vice-President Venus Boustany one of the initiators of the retirement home project and a dynamic club member, 2nd from the right Dorreya Khalid, an active club member, third from the right, Incoming Club President Laila Labib Shash who has a long history and background in Social Voluntary Work and will bring her experience to the 2014-2015 IWC of Cairo projects and iniitaitives, in the middle Past Club President Yousreya Mandour (in green) who is the epitomy of dedication and efficient planning. IIW Editor/Media Ashnadelle Hlmy Moragy, in the middle, accompanied the club members on this visit in tribute to the late Mrs. Samira Mortagy who was instrumental in the realization of this project.
All the members contributed their time and efforts and felt that their project was a worthy endeavor that would benefit the community. Working as a team, it was time to find a location and land to build the home. Due to the efforts of Nefert Al Hafnawy a suitable property was found measuring 10,000 meters and building started. Architectural and engineering consultants from the Cairo Rotary Club were instrumental in the planning of the home for a reduced fee. The wives of these Rotarians were active members of the IWC of Cairo so the momentum was established in cooperation between both clubs.
Dar Al Yasmin Home for Elederly Ladies was inaugurated in 1997 with a capacity of residence for 26 ladies. Each resident has a room with a private bathroom and some suites are available for two residents if they wish to stay together.
Common sitting and television rooms as well as a dining room are used by the members who enjoy companionship especially when their families don’t come often to visit them.
The Club members alternate their visits to the home to supervise the day-to-day management and the managing director is in constant communication with the Club Executive committee.
The home is adjacent to an October 6th medical unit in case of medical emergencies or follow-up for the patients.
Applications for residence are made to the club members and/or the managing director so that a decision can be taken if and when there is a vacancy.
This project is a non profit endeavor which hardly covers its running expenses, thus the club relies on its fund raising and private contributions to be able to continue to serve the community especially women who don’t have the means to find adequate care in a home for the elderly.
Some of the residents who don’t suffer form Alzheimer are more interested in visitors than others. This lady wanted to practice some Greek words with us and we obliged with the few words we knew, to her absolute delight and giggles.
This project is the product of teamwork and concerted efforts by all the members who worked very hard to realize their dream of establishing a retirement home for elderly women in the Greater Cairo area.
They persisted in their efforts in spite of great difficulties with bureaucracy, permits, contractors, delays, workers and lack of funding but they finally they made it all happen.
And as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
The members of the Club planned and organized a frenzy of numerous fundraising activities such as fashion shows, concerts, Opera galas, bazaars, luncheon speakers, tours and many more activities to raise funds for their project and Inner Wheel members in Egypt & Jordan as well as donors from the community, helped out and joined in the efforts because as one of our IIW themes said “Together, We Are Stronger”
Most residents prefer to sit together in the common room overlooking the garden where they watch television or do activities.
On the right, the Manager Director of Dar Al Yasmine who is well acquainted with all the residents and caters to their needs and assures their comfort.
The residents of Dar Al Yasmine often sit out in the garden under the pergola to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of October 6 City where the Home is located about an hour away from Cairo city center.
The beautiful garden is an oasis of greenery in the middle of the residential area in the 7th District of October 6th city.
Now that the 1st Dar Al Yasmine is at full capacity, the 2nd building “Dar Al Yasmine 2” is almost ready to receive more residents. Its construction started slowly in 2006 through the same planning and collaboration with the architectural and engineering consultants of the Cairo Rotary Club (for a fee).
The 1st floor out of 2 floors is being readied for residence and plans for its inauguration in 2015 are being made as soon as the garden and landscaping are done. The furnishing and kitchen facilities are ready for use.
Congratulations to IWC of Cairo for making their dreams and the dreams of many elderly ladies come true.
We, for women

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