Planting Trees as a symbol of Peace

On September 12,2020. In a noble humanitarian gesture, Mrs. Mona Aref, Chairman of District 95, Egypt and Jordan, accompanied by Mrs. Mona Elgemeii International Service Organizer, with a group of Presidents and members of different Inner Wheel Clubs, visited El Alamein Hospital. In appreciation of the great efforts exerted during the Coronavirus pandemic by this hospital which was the first COVID 19 isolation hospital in Egypt.
Mrs Mona Aref District Chairman and the members of the IWCs Planted an olive tree as a symbol of peace and love and a poinciana tree in Al Alamein hospital.Planting the trees was on the occasion of the International Day of Peace which will be celebrated around the world on the 21st of September.
Believing that the world does not only need those who are intelligent or successful but also those who believe and who value others. Plant goodness wherever you are.

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