Planting a tree by IWC Amman, Philadelphia and Petra

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020 President of Inner Wheel club of Amman Mrs. Jida Farradj , Mrs. Rawan Abu Hantash President of IWC of Philadelphia, Mrs. Saneen Baghdadi President of IWC of Petra, in the presence of Mrs. Nahla Sweiss Vice chairman and Mrs. Mayada Toukan District Treasurer and the treasurers of the three IW clubs . They planted olive and orange trees, confirming the importance of plantation and cultivation for human survival, and believing that the world not only needs scientists , doctors and only smart people to survive, but hard working beings planting the soil and keeping our world green and clean is of the same importance. Let us keep our countries green, clean and peaceful, together we can LEAD THE CHANGE.

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