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  • Iman El Bashari
Iman El Bashari


Dear friends, Inner Wheel members of District 95 Egypt & Jordan
I’m honored to have been elected to the office of National Representative for our District and I thank you for your trust in me.
Our Clubs in District 95 in Egypt and Jordan have worked diligently with dedication and commitment as seen by their great achievements and their impact on our communities.
Our great projects are quite impressive and are making an impact on numerous lives in both our countries.


Next year, in 2021 we will be celebrating our Golden Jubilee, 50 years of hard and sincere work that resulted in outstanding projects, sustainable and non-sustainable.
Dr Bina Vyas, IIW President for 2020/2021 announced the new theme for this year,
I do believe that with you, remarkable ladies, we can make a positive change.
Best of luck and stay safe.


Iman El Bashari
National Representative
District 95
Egypt &Jordan