Joint Meeting between IWC of Amman Petra & IWC of Sphinx

On Sunday, November 8, 2020, on the Zoom application, a joint meeting was held between Inner Wheel Club of Amman-Petra headed by Mrs. Seneen Baghdadi Chehabi, from the Jordanian capital Amman, and the Inner Wheel  Club of Sphinx headed by Mrs. Inas Megahed from the Egyptian capital Cairo. We were honored with the participation and presence of astronomer and geologist Dr. Farouk El-Baz from the United States of America.

Mrs. Nahla Sweiss, Vice Chairman of D95, Egypt and Jordan, Mrs. Suzan Kilani Al-Tayeh, Past Chairman of the D95, Mrs. Jida Farradj, President of Inner Wheel Club Amman the sister club , and a group of members of other clubs joined the interesting virtual meeting.

Under the title of “The role of women in the life of Farouk El-Baz”, our distinguished guest shared with us his memories with his mother, who says that she is smarter person he met in his life, the beautiful Mrs. Zahia Abu Al-Atta Hammouda, whom he devoted to her a chapter in his book he is writing entitled: “The day I saw Apollo’s guts”, from her and his father, Dr. El-Baz said he learned  how to behave humbly and modestly with others.

His wife, a companion of sixty years of love and struggle, Patricia also has a share in his book. All of us were interested in hearing the story of the great love. We can’t but admire the patient wife who sat at the typewriter typing for her husband 121 job applications that would enable them to take care of their young family in the 1960s, her letter to NASA found for Dr. El- Baz his way to the surface of the moon.

With the hope of holding valuable and enjoyable seminars in the future, and with all feelings of gratitude and appreciation for our honorable guest, and with our wishes for a close meeting on the ground without masks and sterilizers, the wonderful session concluded.

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