IWCs of Cairo West, El Nile and Sharm El Sheik at the historical Pyramids

10/12/2020 – To promote the principle of friendship between women of Inner Wheel clubs and within the initiative of “know our country”. Inner Wheel Club of Sharm El Sheik headed by Nora Fayek and IWClub of El Nile headed by Nabila Galal with IWC Cairo West headed by Shadia Shafik , organized a trip to the historical pyramids area to spend a day in the embrace of history and to see the renewal and development of that area .IWC of El Sherouk , Nasr City , Giza El Ahram and a ladies group from the civil society were also participated in this trip .We were accompanied by a well-qualified tour guide .
The members and their guests had lunch at the new pyramid Lounge Restaurant at the end of the visit. It was a successful and well-organized trip.

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