IWC of Zamalek visiting Shefaa Al- Orman Hospital in Upper Egypt

15/12/ 2020, Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek , headed by Mrs. Samia Abul-Fotouh, visited the Shefaa Al-Orman Hospital in Luxor and donated 100 thousand pounds to equip a room in the hospital to receive and treat a cancer patient, and this was in the presence of Inner Wheel Zamalek member Mrs. Madiha Al-Sharqawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Hussam Qabbani head of Orman Egypt and the director of the hospital Dr. Hani Hussein . Shefaa Al-Orman Hospital is the first and largest integrated cancer hospital in Upper Egypt completely free of charge, and it was opened in 2016 and equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment devices in the world in the field of cancerous tumors.
The hospital serves as a start for the population of 6 governorates in southern Upper Egypt, with a population of about 15 million, and the number of new cancer cases is about 15,000 new cases every year, in addition to the previously discovered cases in those governorates.
And now the second stage has been completed. In addition to this project, a specialized hospital for treating diagnosed children with cancer in Upper Egypt has been prepared, which is the first center for this purpose in Upper Egypt.

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