IWC of Zamalek ‘Know your country “Initiative Visit to Abdeen Palace

On Tuesday, Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek organized a visit to Abdeen Palace, one of Egypt’s most famous historical palaces, as part of the “Know Your Country” initiative.
The visit took place inside the various wings of the palace, which reflected the historical development of building the palace during the royal rulers through time since Khedive Ismail, who began building the palace since he took power in 1863 and opened it in 1874.
The palace contains halls and salons characterized by the color of their walls, as the white, red and green salons are used to receive official delegations during their visits to Egypt, in addition to the palace library, which contains about 55 thousand books.
The palace also contains a theater with hundreds of gilded chairs, and there are isolated places for women with curtains. Inside the palace, there are many suites, such as the Belgian wing, which was designed to accommodate the important guests of Egypt, and it was also named because the King of Belgium, Albert I, was the first to stay in it, and this suite includes a bed that is considered one of the rare antiques due to the decorations and hand drawings it contains.
The palace is considered one of the ten best royal palaces in the world because of its historical richness. The sons and grandsons of Khedive Ismail who ruled Egypt after him were fond of putting their touches on the palace and making additions that fit the tendencies and ages of each of them. The visit was followed by a luxurious lunch at the Automobile club, attended by a group of club members with the presence of the club president Mrs Samia Abou El Fotouh.

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