IWC of Zamalek, Activities, November 2021

IWC of Zamalek
President: Mrs. Hoda Malash
November 24th,2021 , Manial Palace
Here we go,  IWC of Zamalek continues its campaign to know our country and our history.
Club  members made a different tour that started by the visit of Mohamed Ali’s palace son of Khedive Tawfik in Manial .
The palace and the gardens were amazing as well as the most fabulous displays . We listened to the history of  Mohamed Ali’s family whom were actually the builders of Modern Egypt since 1805 .
Afterwards, the group visited El Omma House , the home of Saad Zaghloul the famous Egyptian National Leader and enjoyed listening to his historical stands fighting for the Egyptian people and how this house used to be the place for all Egyptian National Leaders , and Heads of Parties were meeting.
Also, heard about his wife’s love and support, and how she was always standing beside her husband supporting him in the issues of the homeland, that is why she was named Om el Masreyeen. (Mother of the Egyptians).
At the end of the tour, we visited the shrine of Saad Zaghloul built on the pharaonic style on a 5000 sq m. land were he is placed there as well as his wife. The place was fully paid by King Fouad and the Egyptian Government as a recognition for his nationalism.

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