IWC of Zamalek , Activities, 2022

Within the framework of know your country program that the IWC of Zamalek is adopting and in a very pleasant friendly and loving atmosphere , a different and interesting trip was organised by Club President Hoda Malash to visit the Darb El Ahmar area. This historical area goes back to the Fatemid ,Ayyubi, and Mamlouki periods full of architectural treasures that belong to this era, some of which are Khayer bek complex that consists of a mosque and mausoleum. The blue mosque beit el razzaz and many more as well as dyers, which still functions as it was years back.
A very rich and informative visit to this area , at last, we knew some of the stories as to why it was named Darb el Ahmar.
The trip started in the morning from Al Azhar Park after a meeting over breakfast for the club members to discuss future projects.
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