IWC of Tanta & IWC of Gezira Sporting Club held an Exhibition at Tanta University

Together we agreed, prepared and did it.

7/12/2020, and for four consecutive days, Inner Wheel Club of Gezira Sporting Club members, under the Presidency of Dr. Asrar El Barki, and in collaboration with Inner Wheel Club of Tanta members, under the Presidency of Mrs.Ghada Rahmy, held an exhibition for the sale of women and men garments to students and employees of Tanta University at discounted and affordable prices with the purpose of easing the burden of buying clothes for themselves and their families. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mrs. Mona Aref, President of District 95 Egypt and Jordan, Dr. Kamal Akasha , Deputy Dean of Tanta University, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Dean of Tanta Faculty of Medicine, distinguished doctors and staff members of the University. Also present for the inauguration were distinguished Rotarians, presidents of both IW clubs and some of their honorable members. The event was successful and attracted many student and employee visitors. Many thanks to the presidents and members of both IW Clubs for this successful event and a special thank you to Mrs. Ghada Rahmy and her club members for all the help they extended to facilitate our part of the job and for the warm welcome they received us with.

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