IWC of Sphinx and El Zahrawan Foundation installing water connections in Salah El Din State

The Inner Wheel Club of Sphinx headed by Mrs. Enas Megahed and under the slogan “Lead the Change” draw a smile of hope for the less fortunate in obtaining a decent life; organized a national trip to The Governorate of Fayoum. In light of the country’s plan and . expand low-income villages, and under the auspices of the Governor of Fayoum Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansary while partnering with Al Zahrawan Foundation to continue installing water connections for ten homes in Salah El-Din’s estate, (Abashawy Center). This Estate would be the second village to receive assistance from the club.

We were greeted by the Governor of Fayoum and later a meeting was held that presented some projects adopted by the governorate and supported by field establishments. One of the major projects referred to by the Governer aside from the water connections installations; was the construction of roofs for the less fortunate in which we were promised by his excellency to contribute for a better quality of living to the residents
In addition, Mrs. Enas Megahed exchanged a few symbolic gifts as an expression of gratitude and appreciation to Governer Ahmed Al-Ansary and Mrs. Shahira Al-Mahdy; Deputy Board of Trustees at Al-Zahrawan Foundation.
Subsequently, with an invitation from Mrs. Al-Mahdy, we headed to Wadi Al-Rayyan Reserve for lunch at the Zowara Restaurant in a rural atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, a vision of a mountain Roundabout and natural lakes in an enchanting panoramic scene. Finally we visited the Beyoum hotel to spend a beautiful evening
On the second day, the club members had a country breakfast in a wonderful atmosphere after a short trip to the village of Tunis, followed by a visit to the pottery school, and a view of the handicrafts enjoyed by the people of Fayoum

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