IWC of Sharm El Sheikh , Projects ,2022

On Saturday, March 12th, 2022, Mrs. Maha Ragab, President of IWC of Sharm el Sheikh, and a number of IWC members visited the Charitable Society for Child Care in Al Fustat Complex in Al Umraniya, which is the club’s sustainable project.
This visit coincided with the opening of the various clinics prepared by the association to serve the community and treat the residents of the area on the one hand, and disbursement to the association and the house on the other hand. The Deputy Governor of Giza opened the start of these clinics.
Mrs. Afaf Maged, Vice Chairman of t District 95, and a number of members of the IWC of Giza attended the opening ceremony with the members of IWC of Sharm el Sheikh.
Mrs. Maha Ragab, the club’s president, and the distinguished ladies of the club, donated to the association to cover the needs of the nursing home, including children’s clothing, and their home’s needs of clothes, food needs, and household appliances. Mrs. Amira Khafagy, who is in charge of liaison between the club and the association, distributed sweets and chocolates to the children and attendees, which added an atmosphere of joy and love among everyone. The members of the club also donated LE 15,000 (fifteen thousand pounds) to the account of the house on the occasion of the holly month of Ramadan, may God bring it back to everyone with goodness and blessings.
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