IWC of Sharm El Sheikh, activities, 2022

On February 7th, 2022, Mrs. Hala Hagrass, Chairman of District 95, Egypt and Jordan, had her official visit to IWC of Sharm El Sheikh, accompanied by Mrs. Mona Aboul Fotouh DS and Mrs. Reem Nazih, DISO.
They were welcomed by Club President Mrs. Maha Ragab, and PP Mrs. Nora Fayek, and the founding member of the club with PPs as well as club members.
Mrs. Maha Ragab, kindly provided an overview of the club’s charitable work that serves women, children and people with special needs, whether in terms of the club’s sustainable projects that it sponsors year after year or the new projects in which it contributed, whether with the District or clubs or individually .
Mrs. Hala Hagras kindly provided a quick summary of the District’s projects for this year and her vision for developing the IW Clubs in Egypt, contributing to national projects & development, and helping the Government perform its role in serving the community and the less fortunate people.
The Chairman of District 95 , praised the club’s projects and effort, and wished everyone a successful year.
The meeting prevailed in an atmosphere of friendship, love, intimacy and fun.
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