IWC of Nasr City hosted Mrs. Atta Nour Personality Analyst

In a most enjoyable and exciting symposium that dealt with different topics and opened up horizons concerning the sciences of both energy & and horoscope and their relevance and impact on the personality of individuals .The Inner Wheel Club of Nasr City , headed by Mrs. Mona Al-Saeed, on Saturday November 7, 2020, hosted Mrs. Atta. Nour, personality analyst of the “ Effect of Positive Energy on human life” and how a person can adopt positivity as a way of living.

Mrs. Atta also talked about the effect of horoscopes on personal qualities and she conducted a practical experiment on the seminar guests to explain the extent of their influence on the behavior of personal features, each one separately.

Mrs. Atta also touched on the world of colors and what each color symbolizes and the extent of its impact on emotions, whether negative or positive and how to choose the appropriate colors that match … with a focus on what harmonizes.  With them and what contradicts

The Inner Wheel Club of Nasr City members and their guests expressed their great enjoyment of this symposium, as it contained new, important and unusual information about the world of energy and horoscope.

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