IWC of Nasr City Distributing sum of money on the Holy Month of Ramadan to the Sanitation workers

31/3/2021Once again, generous hands are extending with a flood of emotions mixed with thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the marginalized groups in our society: the sanitation workers. An group from Inner Wheel club members of Nasr City headed by Mrs. Mona Al-Saeed, & on the holy month of Ramadan, headed to the center of the Cleanliness and Beauty Authority’s workers in Nasr City to distribute sums of money instead of Ramadan bags, and also to re-assure them with the fact that their work is not less valuable and important than any other honorable work in our beloved country, Egypt … This meeting was also attended by Mrs. Nihal Al-Bakri, Deputy National Representative for District 95, Egypt and Jordan.


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