IWC of Nasr City , Activity, 2021

IWC of Nasr City
President: Jehan Michael
December 1st,2021
 Members of the Inner Wheel Club of Nasr City, headed by Mrs. Jehan Michael, invited the Chairman of D95 Egypt and Jordan, Mrs. Hala Hagrass, and members of other Inner Wheel clubs, to attend a symposium by the writer  Dr.Reem Bassiouni, who shed light on the events of her book “ Al-Qatai ” which deals with the biography and life path of the Mamluk inspirational Ahmed Ibn Tulun, who ruled Egypt for seventeen years.
The choice of the meeting place was at Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, which is the oldest mosque in Egypt, had a profound and exciting dimension to the history, events and people who lived through this time around the year 960.
The writer started by recounting the history of this Era in time and shedding light on the style of architecture.
The mosque which has not been touched by the modification so far, left the audience a space of imagination to visualize and embody what the conditions were in this place covered with the fragrance of history.

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