IWC of Nasr City, Activities, 2022

Throughout a religious, humanitarian, literary, cultural, philosophical epic, by the creative knowledgeable author, Dr. Osama Abdel-Raouf Al-Shazly, who has a PHD degree in orthopaedic surgery … The meeting of the members of the IWC of Nasr City, headed by Mrs. Jehan Michael along with other book club members from different IWC clubs and at the presence of Mrs. Hala Hagrass, Chairman of District 95 EgyptandJordan gathered on the morning of Saturday, March 19th, 2022 at the Hilton Heliopolis Hotel… to discuss the book “the Egyptian Shamoun’s Papers “… which sparked a lot of controversy and passion from The readers who were eager to raise many questions for the writer who was able with a high level of literary and talent to embody an era of the old time in the days of prophet Moses, peace be upon him, with all its events and great divine miracles and many small, accurate and exciting details of life, through the character of the narrator Shimon, the focus of this book. .. And the narrator Shimon, who is originally Hebrew, who is coming from an Egyptian mother, and married to an Arab woman, takes us on the journey of his life to embody for us a vivid picture of this era of time.. Covering the miracle of the sea splitting after the departure of Moses and the people of Israel and his followers from Egypt and their salvation while Pharaoh and his soldiers drowned.. Then the absence of Moses thirty days on the mountain, where God spoke to him and gave him the tablets of stone that contain the Ten Commandments for the People of Israel… Then the sedition that occurred from the Samaritan and the story of the golden calf that he made with his own hands to split the people of Israel and push them to revolt against Moses and be disobedient … And the wrath of God and his punishment for them to wander in the desert for forty years until they reach the Promised Land, the Holy Land, carrying the ark containing the Ten Commandments.. Then Shimon decided to split from them to live his personal experience, moving from one tribe to another to embody the most accurate details of life and tribal struggles over governance and different philosophical ideas.. as if that era of human history represents a norm for human behavior since the beginning of creation and the eternal struggle between goodness with all its components of love, tolerance, self-denial, sincerity, justice, extending a helping hand to the needy, etc. On the other hand, evil with all its injustice and arrogance, selfishness, hatred, etc.. The reader may conclude at the end that all the monotheistic religions call for the same morals and principles, even if the time and place are different… and that sticking to the path of God and filling the heart with his love are the nourishment in our short life journey which provides human beings with peace, safety and serenity, and fills humans with the most divine feelings.


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