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IWC of Naser City project

IWC of Nasr City

Wednesday, October 6th2021

Nasr City District.

With a tender human touch emanating from hearts that feel the suffering of a group of helpless workers who belong to the marginalized group at the bottom of society and whom we used to call “Zabbaleen”, Mrs. Gihan Michael, president of iwc of Nasr City with Mrs. Hind Mortagy deputy president and Mrs. Hana Bleik(President), representing all of the club’s members, met the workers of the Beautification and Environmental Hygiene Authority of Nasr City,and that is with the aim of distributing some money to each one of them on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday. The workers expressed their great happiness and much gratitude for their feeling that there are those who feel their suffering and extend a helping hand to them