IWC of Lotus Misr visited 4 orphanages on Ramadan & Blessed Eid El Fitr

On the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan, Inner Wheel Club of  Lotus Misr headed by Nazik Al-Alfi, with Nabila Omran the honorary secretary and the participation of the club’s members, to purchase about 235  of Ramadan cartons.

On the blessed Eid Al-Fitr approach, Inner Wheel club of Misr visited 4 orphanages.

They first visited “Dr. Ismail Salam’s home” in Shubra Al-Khima to discuss their requirements. They reported their need for deep freezers and clothes for the children, who number about 70 children, boys, and girls. They were provided with these requests.

Then they visited “ Dar Helmena ” in Imbaba and bought new clothes for all the children, who number about 63 children, boys, and girls.

Also ,”Dar the Good people of Egypt” for homeless children was visted and provided them with new clothes for the Eid about 25 gorls .

Then, a visit to the house of “Mashar in Ezbet Al-Nakhl” and the girls were given new clothes for the Eid, about 12 girls.


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