IWC of Gizera Sporting Club, Projects, 2021

IWC of Gizera Sporting Club
President: Wafaa Zaki
December  2021
As part of the implementation of the 21/22 plan for project management and youth training at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the operator, which was founded and supervised by the members of Inner Wheel Club of Gizera Sporting Club since 2018, at the Al-Mashabek Youth Center in Boulaq El-Dakrour (one of the club’s sustainable projects) was chosen to be a professional forum for teaching Batroun for youth, as part of the projects of the cultural, voluntary and scouting administration of the Ministry “Managing the Girl’s Programs” due to the availability of the right place, the supervisor, the necessary capabilities, tools and sewing machines.
Club President Mrs. Wafaa Zaki, and members of the club had an important role with the officials departments and the ministry in choosing this place.
The first batch of trainees received practical training in the operator from 19/12/2021 to 12/23/2021, followed by other batches according to the ministry’s plan.
Thus, we have contributed to the implementation of “Pink First”, which is the IIW Theme for this year.

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