IWC of Giza Pyramids Distributing Ramadan Food Bags

7/4/2021The Inner Wheel Club of Giza Pyramids under the presidency of Mrs. Eman Selim and with the participation of Nany Rashed and Azza Dowidar distributed Ramadan food bags as a usual every year since 2004 in El Mashabek Youth Center in Haram on illiteracy class students, center workers and the needy families in the area. Also, Ramadan bags were distributed on the workers at the Yacht club and some bags were sent to families in need in the Kerdasa area.

In addition, IWC of Giza Pyramids continue one of its usual practices since years which is the contribution of club’s members by donating money for (Fasting breakfast) initiative that are being distributed in poor areas by a group of volunteers every Ramadan.


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