IWC of Giza followed up a Pediatric heart Surgery at Abu El Rish Hospial & Paid the Tuition Fees for Students

As a continuation of this year’s projects 2020/2021 The Inner Wheel Club of Giza followed up a pediatric heart surgery to close a hole between the ventricles for a 6-year-old girl at Abu Al-Rish Hospital which is performed by Dr.Amel El Sisi.  The cost of the operation is 34,000 EGP.

Also, IWC of Giza paid the tuition fees for 35 students at the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom who graduated, to obtain their certificates as they were withheld due to nonpayment, so the club paid 15000 EGP.

The club also paid the tuition fees for 15 students in different grades.

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