IWC of Gezira Sporting Club offering vouchers to the orphans & the workers of Fatman El Zahraa Primary School

The Inner Wheel Club of Gezira Sporting Club has for years, and around this time, been offering the orphans and workers of Fatema El Zahraa Primary School, in Warak El Hadar, with the opportunity to purchase winter clothes at affordable prices.
This year, headed by Dr. Asrar El Barki, and with the participation of some of the Club members, the event was held over two days, in a spacious area in an attempt to apply the necessary social distancing and precautionary measures.
The children and workers were presented with a voucher of LE300 to make their purchases according to their personal preferences.
The children enjoyed the sweets that were given to them and the experience of shopping for themselves and picking out the clothes that best fit them, while we enjoyed seeing the smiles that were drawn on their faces.
This year we were able to uphold our yearly tradition and see it succeed. We hope we will be able to keep up our good work for years to come.

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