IWC of Gezira Sporting at Theodore Bilharz Institute

16/6/2021 – The President of the Inner Club of Gezira Sporting believes in the importance of the engagement of the civil society to help local hospital upgrade their medical services. With this thought in mind, Dr. Asrar El Barki, President of the Club, and some of its honorable members paid a visit on Theodore Bilharz Research Institute to donate two medical devices, costing L.E 90,000, to its blood bank:
– Balance- mixer:
Prevents blood coagulation during the blood donation process until the required quantity is withdrawn then automatically cuts the blood bag.
– Sealer:
Seals the blood bag to keep it sterile and prevent the penetration of air and microbes into it.
These two devices guarantee maintaining the required level of quality for the blood donation process.
It is worth noting that IWC of  Gezira Sporting Club  has made a donation a few years back to the same Institute of a device that tests the donated blood.

We pray for the safety of all the patients and will continue to put in practice the Inner Wheel International slogan “Lead the change”.

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