IWC Of Gezira Sporting Projects, Projects 2020 – 2021

iwc of Gezeira Sporting

on 25/10/2021

Under the IIW Theme “Pink First” and in atmosphere of love & cooperation, Innerw Wheel Club of Gezeira Sporting headed by the President Mrs.Wafaa Zaki gathered on 25/10/2021 at            Mrs. Aza El Mofty house to sort and ship a large quantity of women, men and children clothes    ( some are new) intended to ship them to the following:

– Upper Egypt(Luxour &Aswan).

– Deaf- mute association.

-Kheir&Baraka association at El Asmarat.

-Baheya Hospital.

-Tawasol Society.

The remaining were sorted for an exhibit to sell them to faculty students at affordable prices.