IWC of El Tahrir , Project, November 2021




IWC of El Tahrir

President: Mrs. Noha Matouk

November 28th,2021


In support of the Initiative of a Decent Life – under the auspices of Professor Dr. Minister  Khalid Abdul Ghaffar – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, In the presence of a representative of the Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj. – The annual charity clothing exhibition opened on Sunday, November 28, 2021 at the National Research Center – Dokki, which was hosted by IWC of El Tahrir   headed by Mrs. Noha Matouk with the Rotary  Club of El Tahrir  headed by Dr. Amal Al-Sisi in partnership with the Social Committee of the Center headed by Dr. Ola Sharaf and in the presence of CD 95 Egypt and Jordan Mrs. Hala Hagrass and PDG of rotary D 2451 Abdul Hamid Al-Awa on behalf of DG Yasser Nashat and HS  of D95 Mrs. Mona Abu Al-Fattouh, D95 ISO  Mrs. Reem Nazih and Dr. Mohammed Hashem, president of the National Research Center, P. Dr. Khalid Al-Dahabi  of the Building Research Institute and with the participation and presence of  IW and Rotary members of both clubs.

This charity  exhibition lasted for 3 days  distributing  a wide range of clothing for women, men, children and bags…

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