IWC of El Mansoura Visited Dar El Fadl in Gulongoli

14/11/2020 – Within the periodic visits to inspect the sustainable projects and in order to provide continuous support and assistance under this year’s umbrella “Lead the change “Inner Wheel Club of El Mansoura members, headed by Mrs. Nagwa Kandil, visited, Dar Al-Fadl in Gulongili.
IWC of El Mansoura started to support this project 6 years ago. This establishment groups girls from all the educational levels and married several of them during the last few years. Al Mansoura IW Club was providing them with the necessary support. For all those girls, this establishment is their HOME it is a large family that includes sisters, this is something that touches the hearts of everyone who enters it.
There is also an elderly home attached to it.
IWC members of Al Mansoura provided the girls with winter clothes and food supplies. Mrs Nagwa, donated a check from the club.
At the end IWC of Al Mansoura members visited the elderly home.

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