IWC of Cairo West, Project, October 2021

IWC of Cairo West,
President: Mrs.Soha Shams
Gezira Sporting Club – Zamalek
Saturday, October 30, 2021
Inner Wheel Club of Cairo West, headed by Mrs. Soha Shams, held the annual bazar at Gezira Sporting Club.
It raised fund and income goes fully to the “Radiation and Imaging Department at kasr Al-Aini Hospital (for Breast Cancer), which is the sustainable annual project of the club for the last three years.
The bazar was honored by  CD Mrs. Hala Hagrass , Mr. Amr Gazarin, President  of Gezira Sporting Club and PDC  Dr. Zeinab El Ghazaly , ISOD Mrs. Reem Nazih, , and our club’s esteemed members.
The bazar had a  wide variety of exhibitors  with all products made in Egypt.

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