IWC of Amman, projects, 2022

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Ramadan is the month of giving, We are overjoyed with what we were able to accomplish this month, as President Fayrouz Badwan, accompanied by ladies of the committee made the following visits and donations during the holy month and on the occasion of the upcoming holidays:

1 – Distribution of 200 food parcels to five societies in Amman, Irbid, Karak and Aqaba
– Cerebral Palsy Association.
– Cystic Fibrosis Society.
– The National Association for People with Special Needs.
– Al-Shahd Association for Orphans.
-Abdoun Valley Charity Association.

2- Distributing 40 parcels to Wadi Musa society in Petra.

3- Distributing 20 parcels to the Mustaqbal society for people with disabilities.

4- Easter had a share of our Ramadan campaign, as a donation was made to Al Mahaba society to help some families.
We also donated
For the Young Women’s Christian Association in Madaba.

5- Unprivileged children also had a share, as we prepared
Iftar and distributed Eid clothes in cooperation with Zaha cultural Center for fifty (50) children from Baqa’a, and seventy (70) children from Ghor al-Safi.

6 – Visiting the elderly in Darat Shamma and presenting them with sweets and Eid clothes to a number of the residents there.

7 – We conducted a medical campaign to clinically examine 50 women in Sweileh and Zarqa and labratory tests for early detection of ovarian cancer in cooperation with the King Hussein Foundation clinics in those areas.

8 – We also cooperated with “Hemtna” in adopting a project to renovate a women’s clinic in the name of Innerwheel Club of Amman.

9 – Our final Celebration was gathering for Ramadani Iftar at Romero Resturant garden, for our club’s members.

Many thanks for your generosity and continued support, wishing you Happy Eid.

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