IWC of Amman, Projects, 2022

In line with the international slogan of “Women First” and women’s health in particular, President Fayrouz Badwan together with ladies of the committee visited on Tuesday 12/4/2022 the King Hussein Foundation, in the presence of Ms. Maha Shaheen, district 95 editor, Egypt & Jordan.

The president of the Amman Club donated a cheque for a medical campaign to examine 50 women clinically and to examine the cervix in the laboratory (pap smear)for early detection of cancer, using the clinics of the Family Health Center of the Foundation in the areas of Sweileh and Zarqa.

The women toured the institution’s facilities and heard an explanation of the institution’s services and activities in community service in needy areas.

We hope that this campaign will continue annually and that we will be able to help more women in obtaining a medical examination annually in the less fortunate areas.

With your efforts and support for our club, the bonds of love will last, and we will continue to do good to those in need.


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