IWC of Amman Philadelphia , Projects, 2022

March is the month of Mother and Woman, in which she deserves all support and encouragement for success and achievement, and under the slogan of this year Pink First, the Inner Wheel Club of Philadelphia, headed by Mrs. Nazi Qopti Fares provided support to women residing in temporary guest houses for abused women of the SOS Children’s Villages Association. We were welcomed by Mr. Siraj Al-Hamoud, representative of SOS and a number of its employees.
The guest houses aim to provide a safe environment for abused women and their children and to contribute to building their capacities through training courses that enable them to rely on themselves to support their livelihood.
Mrs. Nazi handed over a check in the amount of 1500 Dinars for this project.
Mr. Al-Hamoud expressed his thanks to the club and its charitable contribution by presenting a shield bearing the children’s picture with the goals of the association.
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