IWC of Amman Philadelphia, Projects, 2021

IWC of Amman Philadilphia
President: Mrs Nazi Copty Faris
December 2021
Mrs. Nazi Copty Faris, President of the Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia , delivered  woolen blankets with bags of chocolate to three representatives of charities.
The first association represented by Father Shawki Batrian, director of the Our Lady of Peace Center for people with special needs and disabilities, which provides its services such as physical therapy and teaching children aged 6-14 free of charge.
The second association is SOS Children’s Villages, which takes care of orphaned children by providing family, educational and rehabilitation care to integrate them into the community, represented by Mr. Siraj Al-Hamoud.
 The Third  is Dar Al- Salam Center on Gardens Street,  which Mrs. Wedad El-Far, one of the club’s members, also received her collection of wool blankets and chocolates, representing the Love Committee, which in turn will donate these blankets to them
Mrs. Nazi and a number of members of her administrative board thanked Mrs. Muna Sewais who welcomed us in her house .
We wish everyone a blessed and happy new year.

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