IWC of Amman Philadelphia , Project, November 2021

IWC of Amman Philadelphia

President : Mrs, Nazi Coptic Faris

November 16,2021


Mrs. Nazi Coptic Fares, President of the IWC of  Amman Philadelphia  and a number of members of the Governing Body visited the headquarters of the Association of Our Concerns and met with Dr. Fadia Samara, President of the Association, and Ms. Mira Al-Mufleh, a member of the board of directors of the association.

Dr. Fadia presented our projects aimed at establishing the right of less fortunate patients to justice and quality in receiving the health service in safe conditions and environments that preserve their dignity and humanity, through the redevelopment, rehabilitation and equipping of health centers and departments in hospitals and follow-up of the operating plan and services provided after the completion of the projects. Our club delegation listened to the summary of the project to rehabilitate, develop and equip princess Basma Comprehensive Health Center, where our first club project will be to equip a dental clinic at the center on behalf of the club.

After the completion of the project, the Princess Basma Health Centre, located in the Immigrants area of Amman, will be ready to provide medical services at the highest level to a large segment of the region’s 75,000 inhabitants, while the number of registered reviewers at the centre is close to 22,000. Ms. Nazi, president of the club, presented a cheque for 4,000 dinars to Ms. Fadia Samara.

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