IWC of Amman Philadelphia, Activity, 2022

IWC of Amman Philadelphia
President: Nazi Qebti Fares
January 15th,2022
“Plant a tree that will be a shade for you tomorrow.”
On the occasion of the Tree Day, which falls on January 15th,2022 in Jordan, and under the patronage of Her Excellency Mrs. Haifa Najjar, Minister of Culture, PIWC of Philadelphia Mrs. Nazi Qebti Fares,with club members and public authority planted a group of Olive trees in the garden of the Bishop’s School for Boys in Jabal Amman.
Mrs. Nazi Qebti thanked the Minister for sponsoring this program. Her Excellency also noted the importance of agriculture, from which we work to achieve the goal of a green Jordan and the preservation of the environment. She thanked Philadelphia Club for this beautiful gesture.
This event also came in response to the initiative of CD 95, Mrs. Hala Hagrass, to plant trees on the IIW day, which is on January 10, 2022.
It is worth mentioning that the club will make this program a sustainable project and allocate a garden in the name of the IWC of Philadelphia in the garden of the school’s new building project.

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