IWC of Amman Philadelphia ,Activities, 2022

Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia headed by Mrs. Nazi Copty Faris and a number of club members celebrated Valentine’s Day by visiting the Tiraz Museum (house of Mrs. Widad Kawar for Arab Dresses).
The walls and halls of this museum are adorned with Jordanian, Palestinian and Syrian heritage of dresses, handicrafts and beautiful fabrics.
Miss Laila Mushahwar took the members on a tour in the museum and spoke in depth about the beautifully embroidered dresses and what they symbolize.
The club donated the proceeds of this program to the Nour Al Baraka Association, represented by Mrs. Olga Najma, who gave an idea about the association and its goals that work to empower young people with special needs, and positively integrate them into society by marketing everything the family needs from healthy products free of preservatives in Noor Al Baraka Market in Princess Iman Garden in Rabieh.
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