IWC of Amman Philadelphia, Activities, 2022

In a festive atmosphere on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Inner Wheel Club of Amman Philadelphia hosted today 16/3/2022 in “lokma ala Al Kanon” restaurant, the club members and their guests.
Mrs. Nazi Copty Faris, the club’s president and members of the administrative body, welcomed and greeted them.
The president also welcomed Mrs. Hala Nassora, Vice Chairman of D95 Egypt and Jordan, Mrs. Maha Shaheen, D95 Editor , and Mrs. Rima Kawar, Deputy National Representative to Canada.
D95 Vice Chairman Mrs. Hala Nassora and club president Mrs.Nazi Copty pinned two new members, Mrs. Azza Al-Alayli and Mrs Alia Armouti Al-Hamoud.
We celebrated together the 34th anniversary of our club. Wishing more giving and achievement for our club.
Happy Mother’s Day to all .
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