IWC of Amman in cooperation with the Green Wheelz initiative

Under this year’s Inner Wheel Slogan “Lead the change” and in view of the current conditions and the club’s inability to carry out activities, Mrs. Jida Farradj President of Amman IW Club, Signed on September 29th 2020, a memorandum of cooperation with the non-profit Charity based on Amman (Green Wheelz) initiative , this initiative is concerned with protecting the environment and supporting Children with special needs and spreading awareness.
The idea of this project is very simple and easy to implement,
We informed the ladies of our Club and asked them to collect plastic caps of all sizes (which do not take much space) and offered them to the Green Wheels initiative, and we promised as Amman IW Club to distribute large containers and place them in restaurants , gyms , clubs and places where the consumption of plastic water bottles is high. The recyclable covers are collected, and we, the ladies of the club, collect these covers periodically and deliver them to the initiative, which in turn works on sorting and selling them to competent authorities for recycling. The money collected from the Green Wheels initiative sponsors the education of children with special needs and treatment sessions for needy families, in cooperation with official associations that deal with these children.
A wonderful, easy and sustainable idea from recycling (improving the environment) to helping those most in need.
We invite you, ladies and friends, to contribute and help us in this sustainable pioneering project, and we are ready to reach you to take what you have gathered in the hope that we will begin with simple steps to change the ideas of our society to what is best for our environment, and to help the less fortunate,
Again following IW slogan LEAD THE CHANGE.

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