IWC of Amman Donated Shopping coupons to Wadi Moussa Charity & Almarkez Al Islami Societies

6/5/2021 – Donations from the ladies of IW Club of Amman made it possible for our club to donate more coupons. President Jida Farraj and some ladies of the board presented forty (40) shopping coupons (each for 25 JDs) to Wadi Mousa charity Society.  The director of society sent the club a thank you letter, thanking our ladies for their generosity. The coupons are to be delivered to the women in wadi mouse area, to buy groceries needed for their families.

An additional thirty (30) food coupons (each for 25 JDs) were presented  to

Almarkez Al Islami Society – the Orphans Center in Southern shoneh.

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