IWC of Amman become a support partner Green wheelz initiative

This year president Jida Farradj signed an agreement to become a “support partner” for “Green Weelz” initiative.
The concept of this initiative is to collect plastic caps of water and juice bottles, and give them to “ Green wheelz ”where university student volunteers sort them out, count and weigh them, the initiative in its turn sells these caps to be recycled, the income generated from the sale goes to help the physically challenged educationally and medically.
During the last three months, our club was able to collect a huge number of plastic caps and tins and presented them to Miss Raeda Sabha, the creator of this idea.
We kindly ask our club ladies, to keep on collecting the caps, such an easy thing to do, but the impact on the environment we live in is huge, and the help extended to the physically challenged through this initiative warms the hearts.

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